At Wolviston Primary we provide a broad, knowledge-rich History education. Our school motto ‘Small School, Big Dreams’ underpins our History curriculum aiming to give our young Historians a better understanding of the world in which they live beyond Wolviston.   

Our History curriculum will enable our pupils to understand key Historical themes including chronology, changes over time , significance , evidence and interpretation. 

As well as learning about events, significant figures and historical periods, our curriculum will teach our pupils about how we find out about the past and what key disciplinary skills they need to be successful Historians . We provide opportunities to analyse, interrogate, communicate, make links and research the past using artefacts, historical sources, first-hand accounts and information texts.

Our children are given the opportunity to deepen and enrich their Historical understanding of our locality with visits including: Durham City, Captain Cook Birthplace Museum, Segedunum Roman Fort and Beamish Museum.

History Curriculum Plan (2022-23 Cycle A, 2023-24 Cycle B)

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