We aim for all children to be confident mathematicians.  Maths lessons allow for a variety of mathematical skills to be learned and utilised.  Throughout our progressive curriculum children are taught fundamental concepts and strategies, they develop fluency through practise and application to solve problems. 

We encourage all children to be critical thinkers, this continues in maths lessons as they are given opportunities to reflect on their work and explain their reasoning to peers and staff.  

Children take part in a mathematics lesson each day.  We attach great importance to the development of both mental and practical mathematics as an aid to understanding. From the time children enter our school we aim to give them mathematical experiences from which they derive pleasure and enjoyment.  In promoting this positive attitude, we are able to teach the necessary skills and basic facts at the appropriate stages. 

Through enquiry and discovery, we develop children’s understanding of mathematics and their awareness of its uses in the world beyond the classroom. We follow a Teaching for Mastery approach in mathematics with children building coherent learning with small steps based on: representation and structure; mathematical thinking; variation and fluency. 

Maths Schema Progression Document

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