The development and use of spoken communication skills (oracy) is an essential part of language learning. During their time at Wolviston Primary School, children acquire listening, speaking, presenting and debating skills. Teaching oracy explicitly also enhances their interpersonal skills; including self-confidence, self-awareness, resilience and empathy.

Whole School Oracy Progression Document

What is Oracy?
This short video, made by Voice 21, explains what oracy is. Click on the image below to view this video. 

This next video helps to understand how important Oracy, and the teaching of Oracy is. 

Whole School Oracy Progression Document

Oracy – 4 Strands
Children will not only be taught the word ‘Oracy’, but also the language of the 4 strands.​ 

  • Physical​ 
  • Linguistic​
  • Cognitive​ 
  • Social and Emotional

We teach these skills in school, but you can do it at home very easily too. There are many games, which you can play, that develop the social emotional aspect of Oracy. Below are a few examples of these



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