We have carefully considered the needs of our pupils when developing and writing our own unique bespoke curriculum. Whilst following 2014 National Curriculum, we offer all our pupils meaningful learning, based on first-hand experiences. Our curriculum is progressive, builds skills sequentially over each year and gradually develops children’s understanding of concepts and vocabulary.

We believe that every child deserves to maximise their full potential; leaders and staff are relentlessly ambitious and consistently aim for outstanding outcomes in all aspects of each child’s learning journey through our school, and beyond. We work closely with local secondary schools to ensure transition is seamless and levels are maintained.

Pupils’ skills in English and mathematics are essential to access a wide range of learning experiences in all subject areas. This is why we ensure that every child is supported to make at ‘least good’ progress in these areas.

Individual progress is tracked in each subject, potential for high achievement is nurtured and if any child is underachieving, we offer swift support so that gaps are closed, and they too can progress quickly.

During Key Stages 1 and 2 (Y1–Y6) we have arranged the curriculum into a two year rolling programme for the Foundation Subjects. Aspects of the foundation curriculum are arranged so that the National Curriculum requirements are covered, and all children learn appropriately for their year group without repeating topics.

Click here to view our Cycle A Curriculum Overview (2022-23, 2024-25, 2026-27 )

Click here to view our Cycle B Curriculum Overview (2023-24, 2025-26, 2027-28 )

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