There have been three schools within the village of Wolviston, dating back to the early nineteenth century. The first was built by the Church of England National Society for the Education of the Poor. This school became known simply as The National School.

In 1836 a second school was founded and constructed next to the Wesleyan Chapel on the High Street and was called the Parochial School.

This school had the capacity for a hundred pupils and remained in constant use for forty years until it closed in 1876.

It was replaced the following year by the third and final school, the Wolviston Board School. In 1876 an agreement was reached on a plot of land on The Green for the new building which is where our current village school still stands to this day. Over the years, many alterations and additions have followed but the basic school, and its location remains the same now as it did then.

Some of our many school photographs, through the ages.

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