Summary information

Total number of pupils128Catch-up premium expected per pupil in total£80
% Pupil Premium eligible:12.8%Total catch-up premium budget£8160

Strategy Statement

Our catch up priorities are to assess and close gaps in children’s learning caused by school closure during the COVID-19, support children’s social, emotional and mental health needs and promote children’s independence and resilience. 

The support strategies we will use are quality first teaching and targeted academic support alongside wider support strategies. 

High quality teaching will identify gaps in knowledge and allow for these to be filled during well planned lessons which are taught in school and uploaded to the school learning platform, SeeSaw for home learning.  Well planned inset days for CPD and supporting new technology processes will continue to be prioritised for all school staff.

The Nuffield Early Language Initiative is being used in school to aid with supporting language in the Foundation stage to ensure missed nursery hours are supported.

The school uses Floppy Phonics approach for quality phonics teaching and we have invested further in additional online and practical resources in order to support in-school and home learning and staff CPD.

Issues identified as barriers to learning:

  • Concerns around anxiety and safeguarding issues following lockdown
  • Wellbeing: students adjusting to the new school routines and structures
  • Maintaining a high attendance % for all students is a priority without risking safety in light of Covid procedures.
  • Key curriculum skills may have been lost or regression may have occurred in Reading, Writing and Maths.
  • Gaps in curriculum knowledge that facilitates wider understanding of topics.
  • Ensuring parental engagement levels are maintained during the ‘virtual meeting’ era.
  • The new plans for the school day create a number of logistical difficulties which could hamper high quality teaching and learning.
  • Understanding teaching and learning strategies within the ‘new normal’ way of teaching whilst sticking to covid-19 guidelines.
  • New Reception and Nursery intake without transition and handover

Covid Funding Report

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