""Small School - BIG Dreams""

School Council Motto


Welcome from our Headteacher:

Thank you for taking the time to visit our school website, we hope it gives you an insight into what makes our school so special. At Wolviston we encourage and celebrate a love of learning with high aspirations for each and everyone of our school community . We are proud to be a Rights Respecting School and have worked hard to achieve level 2. As duty bearers we help our pupils to grow into confident, caring and responsible young citizens both in school and within the wider community. By learning about their rights our pupils also learn about the importance of respecting the rights of others.

Wolviston Primary School is one where:

  • Everyone treats each other with respect and care
  • All children succeed and develop their ability to think independently
  • All our staff go above and beyond expectations to make a difference
  • Children are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment
  • We celebrate achievement and understand the importance of rules

If you require any further information about Wolviston Primary School please contact the school office using the contact details on the website.

Mrs K Haycock – Headteacher




Vision and Aims

Who we are

Wolviston Primary School is situated in the heart of a thriving village. We are very proud of our school, its children, staff, governors and wider community. We are very much a ‘family’ school and put a high importance on the attitudes of respect, care and support of each other. We are also proud to be a Rights Respecting School and have worked hard to achieve level 2. We believe that we truly reflect our school motto – ‘Small School-Big Dreams.’

Our Vision

We believe that:

  • Everyone should treat each other with respect and care.
  • All our children will succeed, develop their ability to think independently and also understand the importance of rules.
  • All our staff and stakeholders will go above and beyond expectations to make a difference.
  • All our children should be actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Achievement should be celebrated.

 Our Aims

We aim to:

  • Continue to develop and improve as an outstanding school.
  • Develop confident and resilient learners who take ownership of their learning, are proud of their achievements and are well prepared for life in modern Britain.
  • Promote sustainability and an awareness of wider global issues through our curriculum and the links with our local and global communities.
  • Ensure that all our stakeholders have an active and knowledgeable role within school.
  • Continue to create a welcoming atmosphere in school where children, staff, parents and visitors feel safe and valued.

We will accomplish this by

  • Delivering innovative and effective teaching and learning through an exciting, broad and challenging curriculum.
  • Promoting a ‘have a go’ culture where children are supported and have the confidence to challenge themselves as learners.
  • Working in partnership with other schools, charities and businesses; both locally and globally.
  • Providing relevant CPD training/curriculum sessions for stakeholders and encouraging parental engagement.
  • Treating everyone with respect.
  • Using responsive, pro-active and effective monitoring mechanisms.

Contact Us

Wolviston Primary School
The Green
TS22 5LN

Tel: 01740 644374

Fax: 01740 644374


School administrator: Mrs A Robinson

Headteacher: Mrs K  Haycock

Multi Media Bar

Children in Need 2017

Children in Need 2017[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1037.jpg]220[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1038.jpg]160[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1039.jpg]160[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1040.jpg]160[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1041.jpg]160[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1042.jpg]130[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1043.jpg]140[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1045.jpg]160[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1046.jpg]160[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1047.jpg]140[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1048.jpg]140[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1049.jpg]130[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1050.jpg]150[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1052.jpg]120[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1053.jpg]120[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1054.jpg]120[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1055.jpg]130[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1056.jpg]120[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1057.jpg]160[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1058.jpg]170[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1059.jpg]160[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1060.jpg]150[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1061.jpg]140[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1062.jpg]160[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1064.jpg]230[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1065.jpg]180[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1066.jpg]150[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1067.jpg]160[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1068.jpg]160[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1069.jpg]140[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1070.jpg]140[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1071.jpg]140[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1072.jpg]140[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1073.jpg]130[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1075.jpg]140[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1076.jpg]140[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1077.jpg]140[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1078.jpg]130[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1079.jpg]120[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1080.jpg]130[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1081.jpg]150[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1082.jpg]130[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1083.jpg]130[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1084.jpg]150[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1085.jpg]150[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1086.jpg]130[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1087.jpg]120[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1088.jpg]120[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1089.jpg]120[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1090.jpg]140[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1091.jpg]150[img src=http://www.wolviston.org.uk/wp-content/flagallery/children-in-need-2017/thumbs/thumbs_img_1092.jpg]160[img...

Spooky Stay and Play 2017

 A great time was had by all who attended our Spooky Stay and Play. There are more photographs in our Gallery section. Thank you to everyone who took...

Class 3 Mosaics

Class 3 have been learning all about The Romans and as part of their topic they have been enjoying creating...

Bags of Help!

We are so happy to have received our cheque from Tesco for £2000 following our ‘Bags of Help appeal’. Thank you to everyone who took the time to collect the blue tokens. We are now able to get started on our community ‘Garden of Respect’ and we can’t wait to see the...

Tesco in the Community.

We have been lucky to have Sam from Tesco volunteering in school, working with some groups of children. She has been busy planting in wellies and over the new few weeks will be helping tidy up our school garden too. Sam will also have a stall at our Summer Fair where you can learn more about Tesco’s Farm to Fork...

Aimee Willmott

Our school council wrote to Olympian Aimee Willmott inviting her to visit and we were thrilled when she agreed to come! Aimee gave a fascinating assembly to the whole school and left us all feeling inspired. She answered questions too, which included “Who has been your toughest opponent?”, “What would you have been if you weren’t a swimmer?” and “Do you swim every day?” (which is apparently yes apart from Sundays and Christmas Day!). We gave Aimee a birthday card and present as it was nearly her birthday and we...

Class 1 Feast

Everyone in Class 1 enjoyed dressing up as Princesses and Knights as part of their topic work. They held a feast where they wrote invitations, made place mats and cooked food to eat. They especially enjoyed drinking beer! (ginger...

Guide Dog Visit

The children from Class 1 and 2 enjoyed meeting Val and her guide dog, Whisper. They enjoyed hearing all about Whisper and were able to give him a stroke too. They also learnt you must never stroke a guide dog when it has its harness on as that means it is working. See our Gallery for more photos of the...

WW2 Day Class 4

Class 4 enjoyed going back in time to the World War Two years. They experienced life as an evacuee, wrote letters home to family , explored WW2 artefacts from Preston Hall Museum and created food for the VE party on the afternoon. See our Gallery page for photos of the...


We are proud to announce that we have been awarded Level 2 as a Rights Respecting School. The Level 2 Rights Respecting Schools Award is the highest level of the Award. It is granted by Unicef UK to schools that have fully embedded children’s rights throughout the school in its policies, practice and ethos, as outlined in the four standards. Thank you to all our children, staff, governors and parents who have supported us with this. A special mention must go to Mrs Allred who has led us through...