Wolviston Primary School offers a positive, safe learning environment for all its pupils, one in which everyone has equal and individual recognition and respect. Staff are fully committed to provide the very highest standard of teaching and learning to ensure every child maximises their full potential. This includes removing any barrier which may inhibit individual progress, whether emotional, social or academic. We celebrate success and are committed to the continuous improvement and fulfilment of potential in every child.

Pupil Premium (PP) is ‘additional funding’ allocated to qualifying pupils with the aim of supporting and closing the attainment gap between these pupils and their peers locally and nationally. At Wolviston Primary, staff and governors do not confuse eligibility for the PP with low ability. When making decisions about using PP funding, it is important that we consider the context of, and any subsequent challenges we face, being a small school. Research conducted by Educational Endowment Fund (EEF) is used to support our decisions around the effectiveness and impact of different strategies and their value for money.

We invest in the uniqueness of each individual. There can be barriers to learning for disadvantaged children at Wolviston which we aim to identify and remove, so they can flourish. Our priority is to identify and remove these barriers so all children can attain, make progress and can participate fully in school life the same as their non-disadvantaged peers. In order to guarantee PP children are as successful as their non-PP peers, individual barriers to learning are identified and progress is closely tracked to ensure they continue to make progress throughout their time in school.

Our Aims

We have high aspirations and ambitions for all our children and we believe that no child should be left behind. We strongly believe that it is not about where the children starts from, but their passion and thirst for knowledge, and their dedication and commitment to learning that make the difference between success and failure. We are determined to ensure that all our children are given every chance to realise their full potential. Although our PP funding represents a small proportion of our budget, £10,760, our PP strategy outlines how we will ensure it is spent to maximum effect

Pupil Premium Strategy 2021-2023

Pupil Premium Reporting Expenditure Nov 2020/2021

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