Welcome from Head Girl and Head Boy

Hello my name is Daniel Hutchinson and I am head boy for this amazing school. Our school is quite a small one but we all have great ambitions. Our school takes part in loads of sports competitions for example tag rugby, football, cricket, swimming, netball and wheelchair basketball .We are very proud to recently receive our level 2 rights respecting school award. In addition, 2 years ago we got an Ofsted report that we were all very nervous about, but it all paid off because we got rated outstanding (not many schools across the country get that!). I and our head girl Catherine Austin; our deputy head girl Maddie Wong and our deputy head boy Finn Masterson will try our hardest to make our school a much better place.

Daniel Hutchinson  – Head Boy

Hello my name is Catherine Austin and I am Head Girl of Wolviston Primary School. I am very proud to be Head Girl for this amazingly outstanding school. As well as this I am astounded to have Maddie Wong as my deputy. Working with Daniel we hope to make the school the best it could ever be.           This year we hope to have lots of tournaments to enjoy (wheelchair basketball, swimming, tag rugby, football, netball and cricket). Recently we got right respecting school award (level 2) and two years ago we were rated outstanding by Ofsted.


Catherine Austin – Head Girl