Welcome from Head Girl and Head Boy

Hello, my name is Jacob Johnson and I am head boy this year at our outstanding school. Our school is a kind, hard-working and welcoming place and I’m delighted to be head boy for 2017-18. Our school is also a very sporty school taking part in many sporting events: tag rugby, football, swimming, netball and wheelchair basketball. I hope to represent the school in some of these sports. We have recently achieved our level two Rights Respecting school award due to lots of hard work and learning about the different rights of children at home and abroad. I will try my hardest all year to try and improve our school in as many ways as possible.

Hello my name is Jessica Baird and I am your head girl at Wolviston Primary School. I am really happy that I got head girl at an outstanding school and I am excited to play this important role. I think that, with the help of all the elected year 6’s, we will help to improve the school, look out for the younger children and support teachers with different tasks around school. This is a fantastic opportunity for myself and I hope this school has the most successful year it has ever had!